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Exploring the Natural Beauty of San Mateo Central Park

Located on the outskirts of San Mateo, California, San Mateo Central Park is a stunning natural area that offers visitors a plethora of outdoor recreational activities. From hiking trails to swimming in the pool and playing tennis, there’s something for everyone at San Mateo Central Park. Let’s explore the natural beauty of this popular destination. San Mateo Central Park stretches over 1,000 acres and contains five distinct areas. One of the highlights of this park is the San Mateo Creek Natural Preserve. This 700-acre preserve is home to birds, animals, and lush vegetation. The preserve is also home to various species of trees and endangered species of plants. There are also two ponds and a waterfall. Visitors can explore five miles of trails throughout the preserve. Learn more here.

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The Houger Creek area is another area of the park. This space features a playground, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. Guests can play volleyball, tennis, and basketball. In addition, there is an open-air amphitheater where live music and other events are regularly held. For those looking for more of a natural experience, the Hillsdale Lake area is the perfect place. This area offers a small lake, lush vegetation, and a walking path. Visitors can enjoy fishing, canoeing, and kayaking on the lake. The Redwood Grove area is the most beautiful. Here, visitors can view a variety of redwood trees, some of which are several hundred years old. There are also wooden walkways and benches where visitors can sit and enjoy the natural beauty. Learn more about Exploring the Natural Beauty of San Mateo Central Park.

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